(1) 2005: National Yilan Senior High School was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to assist with the implementation of new secondary education courses nationwide. National Yilan Senior High was a co-organiser in the High School Curriculum Development Project.
(2) 2007: National Yilan Senior High School was approved to receive funding as per the High School Actualization Programme; it is currently classified as a Phase II school.
(3) Over 98% of Yilan Senior High graduates go on to pursue university studies; more than 80 graduates have been accepted into medical schools and top universities (such as National Taiwan University, Tsing Hua University, Chiao Tung University, Cheng Gung University, and Chengchi University) in Taiwan. The school is ranked among the top 20 high schools in Taiwan with regard to the number of graduates accepted into National Taiwan University.
(4) 2009 National Chinese Language Competition: Second Prize in the Chinese Recitation category (senior high student group)
(5) 2009: The Yilan Senior High football team won first place in the male category of the National High School Football Competition
(6) 2008: Yilan Senior High students took home first prize in mathematics and biology at the National Scholastic Aptitude Contest
(7) 2009: The total team score at the National High School Science Fair was the second highest nationwide
(8) 2010: Student Lin Qiaowen was awarded second prize at the Taiwan International Science Exhibition
(9) 2010: Yilan Senior High students took first prize in earth sciences and third prize in chemistry during the National Scholastic Aptitude Contest
(10) 2010: Student Hu Ziheng placed runner-up at the 9th Annual Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest
(11) 2010: Student Zhang Ziqin was awarded the gold medal at the fourth annual International Earth Science Olympiad

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