5-3.School features: The Arts


Fine arts classes for gifted students
In 2000, National Yilan Senior High School established special fine arts classes for students gifted in the arts. The classes consist of 30 students each year and are taught by one part-time and three full-time art instructors. The classes cover sketching, water colour painting, ink and wash painting, calligraphy, art theory, and design. The courses also include speeches by well-known artists, exhibitions of student works, special group topics, and tours of arts facilities off-campus. 
Concert Band
The National Yilan Senior High School Concert Band was established in 1953 and has frequently won awards in music competitions. In addition to playing at flag-raising ceremonies on the school grounds, the band often performs at various ceremonies and events in Yilan County. A number of recitals as well as summer and winter camps are held each year.
Traditional Chinese Orchestra
The National Yilan Senior High School Chinese Orchestra has frequently come first place in national music competitions. The annual music concert is a highlight each year that is often held in partnership with other schools such as Lanyang Girls’ High School, Yilan Vocational High School, Zhuangwei Junior High School, and Fuxing Junior High School. School alumni also participate in orchestral performances which are regularly held throughout the summer holidays.



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