National Yilan Senior High School, previously known as “Yilan State Middle School”, was established during the era of Japanese rule on April 1, 1942. In 1945, its name was changed to “Taiwan Provincial Yilan High School”. In 1947, single-story classroom buildings were constructed on Fuxing Road in Yilan City, and the school anthem, logo, and motto (“One school. One family.”) were established.

In February 2000, the status of the school was upgraded to that of a national education institute, and its name was changed to National Yilan Senior High School. Currently, the school has 1800 students (1600 male/200 female) aged 16–18. There are 15 classes in each of the three grades. National Yilan Senior High School also has special talent and gifted classes including advanced maths and science class, sports class, arts class, experimental science class, and experimental language class. Out of the 100 faculty members, 60 hold a Master’s degree and two hold a doctorate. National Yilan Senior High School is one of the most prestigious academic high schools in eastern Taiwan, and frequently achieves first place in various regional maths and science competitions.  

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2.Buildings and Facilities

The total area of National Yilan Senior High School covers 7.9 hectares (approximately the size of 9.5 standard football pitches). Its main facilities include the Lin Feng Building, Huai Shan Building, Qin Xue Building, administrative headquarters, the library, Humanities Building, Science Building, Fine Arts/Health and Life Sciences Building, the Music Hall, and Student Activity Centre. The school also has a swimming pool, a sports field with a 400m running track, a tennis court, four badminton courts, three volleyball courts, four basketball courts, a greenhouse, a museum of school history, a school shop, and student dormitories. Many of the buildings have stood for many decades and offer a narrative of the year-by-year development and growth of the institute. Although these historical buildings are some of its most notable features, National Yilan Senior High School also continually strives to incorporate the new and keep abreast of modern developments.


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National Yilan Senior High School is located in the southwest corner of Yilan City (the largest city in Yilan County, which is situated in the northeastern region of Taiwan). Its latitude and longitude coordinates are 24.7518, 121.7431 (WGS84). Yilan City has a population of more than 90,000. The school is conveniently located approximately two kilometres away from the train station and situated in an environment with a strong cultural and educational quality; it is in proximity to the Yilan County Cultural Centre, National Yilan University, and Fuxing Junior High School. 

Upper left: Situated in the southeast region of Asia, Taiwan, used to be known as Formosa, (indicated by the red marker) is located in a subtropical zone between Japan and the Philippines.

Upper right: Yilan County is shown highlighted in red. With an area of 2,143 km2, Yilan County is approximately 1.3 times the size of London, 1.7 times the size of New York, 2.6 times the size of Canberra, 12 times the size of Washington DC, and 0.9 times the size of Tokyo. 

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Our goal is to combine academic professionalism with modern business management practices and build National Yilan Senior High School into a model educational institute in the spirit of our motto, “One school. One family”. We aim to create a complete environment of quality education and training that will cultivate outstanding and talented young people.

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5.School Features

5-1.School Features: Science

5-2.School Features: Humanities

5-3.School features: The Arts

5-4.School Features: Athletics

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5-1.School Features: Science

Lectures and hands-on activities are used to lay a foundation of scientific knowledge and ability. Practical implementation of academic concepts is used to cultivate research initiative and problem-solving capabilities.

Students gifted in science are offered the following courses and activities:

  • Saturday science course: Teachers direct scientific experiments and invite professors to lecture at the school.
  • Special group courses: These courses involve two research classes per week with the objective of broadening students’ knowledge.
  • Field trips and outdoor learning: Nature walks and observation in Fushan; coastal studies; tours of science laboratories.
  • Student research: Students may apply to take on research projects, which, if approved, are awarded NT20,000 ( £ 417) in funding.
  • Reading groups: Reading groups are formed by teachers and students to encourage further learning and discussion during after-school hours.
  • Creative science team: Science camps and rocket camps are held in conjunction with universities.
  • Inter-school exchanges: Educational exchanges are held with the gifted maths and science classes of otherschools.


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5-2.School Features: Humanities

We aim to teach our students to respect themselves and others, to think rationally and adopt an awareness of the environment, and to care for their local surroundings while cultivating an international perspective.
Humanities: Educational activities
◎ Literature appreciation, morning reading sessions, and speeches from various famous figures
◎ Collection of student works, publishing of individual albums, themed seminars
◎ Exchange student programmes; educational trips to Japan
Courses in a second foreign language (apart from English) and experiential courses in international cultures
◎ Developed courses in Japanese, German, Spanish, and Korean to cultivate students’ interest and abilities in a second foreign language
◎ Hosted experiential courses and activities centered around international cultures      

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5-3.School features: The Arts

Fine arts classes for gifted students
In 2000, National Yilan Senior High School established special fine arts classes for students gifted in the arts. The classes consist of 30 students each year and are taught by one part-time and three full-time art instructors. The classes cover sketching, water colour painting, ink and wash painting, calligraphy, art theory, and design. The courses also include speeches by well-known artists, exhibitions of student works, special group topics, and tours of arts facilities off-campus. 
Concert Band
The National Yilan Senior High School Concert Band was established in 1953 and has frequently won awards in music competitions. In addition to playing at flag-raising ceremonies on the school grounds, the band often performs at various ceremonies and events in Yilan County. A number of recitals as well as summer and winter camps are held each year.
Traditional Chinese Orchestra
The National Yilan Senior High School Chinese Orchestra has frequently come first place in national music competitions. The annual music concert is a highlight each year that is often held in partnership with other schools such as Lanyang Girls’ High School, Yilan Vocational High School, Zhuangwei Junior High School, and Fuxing Junior High School. School alumni also participate in orchestral performances which are regularly held throughout the summer holidays.



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5-4.School Features: Athletics

In 1986, National Yilan Senior High School established a special sports class (football, track and field, and basketball) for athletically gifted students. Students in the sports class are required to excel in both academics and athletics. Thus, apart from completing vigorous physical training each day, they must also strive to maintain their academic performance. Coached by Yang Shng Yung, a FIFA-qualified international referee, the Yilan Senior High football team enjoys equal standing with the teams from Hualian Senior High and Beimen Senior High. The National Yilan Senior High basketball team is also frequently listed among the top 12 teams in the High School Basketball League.
National Yilan Senior High School students are extremely active in sports, and more than ten different competitions in basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, and water sports are organised by the school each year. The annual marathon, one of the largest events, draws school-wide participation.

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7.Notable alumni

  •  Hu Shengzheng: Chairman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development; academician at Academia Sinica 
  •  Zhuang Binghuang: Current academician at Academia Sinica; former member of the Executive Yuan Science and Technology Advisory Committee
  •  Li Rengui: Academician at Academia Sinica; expert in Austronesian languages
  •  Zheng Ruicheng: Former minister of education, professor, and former president of Chengchi University 
  •  Lin Fangyu: Former director of the Department of Health
  •  Li Jiemu: Former deputy director of the Environmental Protection Administration; current head of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration Bureau

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(1) 2005: National Yilan Senior High School was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to assist with the implementation of new secondary education courses nationwide. National Yilan Senior High was a co-organiser in the High School Curriculum Development Project.
(2) 2007: National Yilan Senior High School was approved to receive funding as per the High School Actualization Programme; it is currently classified as a Phase II school.
(3) Over 98% of Yilan Senior High graduates go on to pursue university studies; more than 80 graduates have been accepted into medical schools and top universities (such as National Taiwan University, Tsing Hua University, Chiao Tung University, Cheng Gung University, and Chengchi University) in Taiwan. The school is ranked among the top 20 high schools in Taiwan with regard to the number of graduates accepted into National Taiwan University.
(4) 2009 National Chinese Language Competition: Second Prize in the Chinese Recitation category (senior high student group)
(5) 2009: The Yilan Senior High football team won first place in the male category of the National High School Football Competition
(6) 2008: Yilan Senior High students took home first prize in mathematics and biology at the National Scholastic Aptitude Contest
(7) 2009: The total team score at the National High School Science Fair was the second highest nationwide
(8) 2010: Student Lin Qiaowen was awarded second prize at the Taiwan International Science Exhibition
(9) 2010: Yilan Senior High students took first prize in earth sciences and third prize in chemistry during the National Scholastic Aptitude Contest
(10) 2010: Student Hu Ziheng placed runner-up at the 9th Annual Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest
(11) 2010: Student Zhang Ziqin was awarded the gold medal at the fourth annual International Earth Science Olympiad

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8.International Video Conference Classroom (Philosophy Hall)

To facilitate international exchange and collaborative learning, National Yilan Senior High School established the International Video Conference Classroom.
Video server: Tanberg Edge95; IP Address:; supports
MultiSite─4 Video+3 Audio multipoint connectivity and complies with H320.H.323 communications protocol
Contact: Shih-Yao Chou

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9.“ePals” International pen-pal exchange

Email accounts for faculty and students are provided at http://www.epals.com/; those interested in email exchange with National Yilan Senior High School students may contact Shih-Yao Chou at globaltea@epals.com.

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